Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

If you are getting divorced, you are likely worried about how you will manage financially.  How will the resources used to support one household now support two?  You may need support while you go back to school or re-train to enter the job market.  Your children are legally entitled to child support, but the amount varies according to a number of factors which are then entered into the child support guidelines provided by statute.  Conversely you may worry about having to pay more spousal maintenance or child support than you can really afford.  In order to understand your options under Colorado law, you will need to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact the law office of Patricia A. Riley, LLC for assistance in shaping your financial future.

In Colorado, temporary spousal support is awarded when a spouse is unable to support him or herself and the spouse is used to a particular living standard during the marriage.  If the spouse demonstrates financial need at a temporary orders hearing—based on the monthly expenses as set forth in the Sworn Financial Affidavit – the court will likely award temporary support while the divorce is pending.

After a divorce, the court may award spousal maintenance to a spouse after considering a number of factors, including the length of the marriage and the income, education, training, age and health of both husband and wife. Spousal maintenance after the divorce may be in the form of a lump sum payment, the gifting of a house, or permanent spousal support.

If child support or maintenance is involved in your divorce, it is important that you obtain accurate information and advice regarding your rights and responsibilities.  Ms. Riley understands Colorado law regarding child support and maintenance.  She knows how to establish initial child and spousal support orders, enforce payment of maintenance and child support, and seek modification of child support and spousal support if you experience a substantial change in circumstances.

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